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  • Old Laptop

    Old Laptop

    Making old, new again.

  • The Scratch Team

    The Scratch Team

    Scratch is a programming language and the world’s largest online community for kids. Find us at scratch.mit.edu.

  • Kelsi Proulx

    Kelsi Proulx

  • Nicolas Widart

    Nicolas Widart

    Freelance software engineer & consultant. Laravel specialist. Open-source advocate. New technologies geek. Apple fan. @AsgardCms creator.

  • Thomas Mc Closkey

    Thomas Mc Closkey

    I pixel things like it's 1989! I make games too. Wanna play them? Go here! http://gypopothomas.newgrounds.com/

  • Adrian Marin

    Adrian Marin

    Launching https://avohq.io

  • Dries Vints

    Dries Vints

    I work for Laravel, maintain Laravel.io and organise Full Stack Belgium and Full Stack Europe.

  • Stefan Zweifel

    Stefan Zweifel

    I code things, they just work! Webdeveloper based in Switzerland.

  • Stacie Taylor-Cima

    Stacie Taylor-Cima

  • Michael Dyrynda

    Michael Dyrynda

    Lead Developer at Nuskope Internet. @PAFC. @LALakers. @laravelphp.

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